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Creating a dynamic economy system for a game.. (need economic advice)

The game is open world, players can buy certain items and sell others.

Players also have the ability to get items from the world itself (picking berries, killing beasts etc..)

I would like to set an economy that would encourage players to vary their means of gaining money over time, so at one moment in time red berries would be the go to for money, until over time people mechanize berry farms and the price of the berry should "drop", causing another item to become more popular. So changes should be gradual and prices linked to the production of items.

I have devised a system quickly but I don't see it as a perfect system..

I have made a system that calculates every 4 hours the item that is bringing in the most money into the players pockets. So the money it brings in is equal to "amount of items sold" x "price of the item" This is compared to other items and the sell price of the items bringing in the most money are set to go down, at the same time, items are chosen to compensate, random items that aren't selling (I still need to add a comparator to check which ones are selling the least/making less revenue) Those items are affected by a raise in the sell price. I am looking to create a stable economy with prices that don't change too much but just enough to change how players make their money.

Items are categorized in categories and sub categories, so high end prices won't be affected by low end price changes. Each subcategory will contain produce that can be farmed differently from the other subcategories, ex: black berries and strawberries are farmed similarily, so in the same subcategory. When an item from one subcategory is heavily exploited, it randomly chooses an item from a different subcategory of the same category.

TLDR: Is there a better way to do this? Am I overlooking anything important?

Thank you so much to everyone willing to help!

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