Idea that I had called Glue Stocks via /r/economy

Idea that I had called Glue Stocks

First of all, I'm not an investor, so I'm not quite sure how it all works. I just think it's fun to think if ideas to mess around with money in different ways. This is my idea. I'm not sure if people do this already, but anyways..

My idea is called glue stocks. Glue stocks are two different stocks combined as one. Basically, you can buy stocks, glue them together, come up with a price for the two combined, and then sell them as a glue stock.

Someone else would be paying for the stock that they have their eyes on already, plus they'd be buying into a mysterious stock attached to it that might result as good or bad.

Perhaps, we could take cheap stocks of failing businesses, glue them together with some more successful stocks, and try to boost the profit that we want from investing in the successful stocks while still maintaining a more intertwined lower economy.

The glue stocks themselves could trade like paperclips on their own to increase interest in trading them, as well.

Submitted December 14, 2019 at 02:46PM by XPbooks
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