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Do-it-all corporations

Good evening from the EU, reddit.

First, just to explain any bias: I've been a socialist for as long as i remember, and I do not see why the world calls my country of origin – sweden – socialist. We're as capitalistic as can be with the exception of a heavily taxed middle class (the rich still don't pay any taxes), and free healthcare (except dental, for some reason).

There's a lot of things about the economic system used today I probably won't ever understand – despite my mathematics BoS – but the question for this thread is focused on multi-area corporations, or as the title suggests; do-it-all corps.

I wonder why nobody seems to think it strange that a company originally meant to sell books now sell everything else as well as hosting their own straming (or whatever this prime business is). Why a company that initiated the surge of graphical interfaces in computing now pays others to use its proprietary software to avoid competition from the OSS community. Why a search engine provider now offers videos, ads, social media and mobile OSes. Why are all competitors/ingenious new expanses, allowed to be bought up by these gigantic companies; why is there no emphasis on the ONE redeeming factor of capitalism; conpetition.

If the swedish right-wing politicians are right I am just jealous of others' success, but something feels off and I need to bounce my thoughts off of someone.

Why is small business outclassed by multi-billion-dollar-corps that do everything? (Worldwide)

Submitted July 15, 2017 at 10:16PM by grahnen
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