After Reading the Paris Accords…. via /r/economy

After Reading the Paris Accords….

Some highlights:

-Each member nation sets their own goals for reducing greenhouse gas.

-There is no enforcement or pressure to meet those goals, or to not change them at any time.

-China agreed to cap their emissions… in the year 2030. But in the meantime, the US and other top developed nations will pay $100 Billion dollars per year, every year, to a fund that goes directly to the least developed countries (now we know why China wants the US to stay in the deal).

-The USA emits 18% of the world's greenhouse gas (2011, Wiki)

-China 22%

Any country (The US) can set any environmental goals it wants without the Paris Accord, without paying billions of dollars per year when we are trillions of dollars in debt, and meet any goals we want to set for ourselves.

**Solar and wind turbine are not greenhouse gas free or economic. Gov't subsidies (our tax dollars) are what keeps them on the market.

The only C02 neutral power source is nuclear power. Right now China has 37 nuclear power plants online with 20 under construction. By 2030 they will be in perfect position to reap future emission reduction rewards. France is almost entirely on a nuclear grid, with 58 reactors.

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