I think Barnes N Nobles and Books A Million Will Survive via /r/economy

I think Barnes N Nobles and Books A Million Will Survive

Noticeably, with some other stores. Barnes and BAM are picking up on selling geek fandom and other products. Barnes sells Nooks, vinyls, Funk Pops, shirts, toys, collectibles, and who know what else. Collector edition books are nice too. I see the same with BAM.

I personally dont do much reading on ebooks. I love to sit on my bed and read my book! I love going to the store and looking at my book before I take it home! And no one gonna take that away!

I was SHOCKED the other day when I went into Best Buy. In the days of middle school and high school the video game section was always a buzz, now it's almost dead and replaced with a geek fandom section. As time goes on, the need to buy games in a store will almost be gone. With PC becoming the master race and other competitors like Amazon, Target, and Walmart less people are buying their games at Best Buy. Now I don't think this means Best Buy will go out. PC, laptop, tv, dvds, and other electronic sales are still going well. Not to mention Best Buy has Geek Squad.

My point with the Best Buy example is with video game sales falling, Best Buy is replacing it will another product that sales.

Fry's is another odd example. Fry's has a small grocery section in some of their stores.

In order for some stores to survive, it is a MUST to adapt and offer a wider and different selection of products. Offer "exclusives". That is what made Best Buy so good for games back in the day. You could pre order a game and get a collectible item with it! That stopped about 5 yrs ago and now you can get collectible pre orders from every retailer offering those pre orders.

I feel with Sear's and JcPenney's, there isn't much to do. However, alot of Penny's have a Sephora, salon, optical department, and Disney pop up stores. The variety I think is what keeps Penney's a step above Sear's.

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