IPE Hypothesis Discussion via /r/economy

IPE Hypothesis Discussion

Hey guys, new to the sub here. I'm currently a student and my big assignment for the class is over international political economy. My topic I decided to look into was the recent Brexit decision, because I thought that something new would be great to learn about.

I have a question about 1 important thing though, and that is what exactly should my hypothesis be about? It's not like I can exactly say "If Britain leaves…" because it has already happened. I have to look at this at an economist's view, and try to dive into what might happen in the future to the UK or anything related to the decision.

So far, I've got my research question: "Will the effects of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, also known as Brexit, lead to economic growth for them?"

and my thesis: "The effects of Brexit on the United Kingdom’s economic growth will slow down compared to when they were a member of the European Union."

What should I be doing next for my hypothesis to start getting into some real testing and data analysis? I'm actually excited to get into this!

Submitted March 08, 2017 at 07:14AM by bananahomeslice
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