My great Economic trade off. Higher Human Development Index via /r/economy

My great Economic trade off. Higher Human Development Index

Hello my name is Andrew Robinson, and I come here today to further my understanding of the world around me. I've been working on this idea, it's been a passion of mine. I believe there should be a free non profit alternative to private schooling when it comes to higher education. Every one who seeks to further there education will receive credits upon completing the courses. these credits can be used to purchase only basic survival goods and services such as food and shelter. You have to join the workforce in order to spend your credits, and you have to complete some sort of continuing education. some credits could be worth more to drive competition and fulfill demand for specialists i.e. doctors. As an educated part of the workforce and survival covered you can earn more income and help your business produce more, which means higher taxes, and to make sure the wealth is evenly distributed with a flat percentage tax. This is a necessary trade off to afford the education and cost of goods and services. With the rise of human capital through education productivity and efficiency of good and service will be on a steady increase. The average cost of living in the U.S. was $2,371 a month, now obviously that would be a lot lower since we only cover survival goods. the average cost for a student in one year is $15,009. the average cost per person in this idea is $17,400. with the 20.2 million students we have now the total is $70.3 billion/yr. I know that a lot of money, however In 2015, adults with bachelor's degrees took home more than those with high school diplomas. Degree holders earned $48,500 a year, while diploma holders earned $23,900. The GDP per capita would increase and thus allowing for a larger budget. On the topic of budget the recreational marijuana tax revenues predicted $28 billion. Now if very singe adult in the U.S. at 242 million where to go to school that total comes to 2.714 trillion. Our GDP as of now is 16.77 trillion, so even in this extreme situation the economy could handle the volume. Not to mention the exponential growth of not only the GDP but HDI as people start realizing their potential.

Submitted March 05, 2017 at 02:44AM by world_peace_ideas
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